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Our Mission:
Quality through Excellence

We are committed to continuous improvement of our company through re-investment of profits. This includes plant and equipment improvements and the ongoing education of our employees. The goal of this commitment is to consistently provide the best quality and service for our customers.

Fifty employees provide the special services our customers have grown to rely on for successful day to day operation in their respective industries. Our comprehensive facility works with material handling, filtration and exhaust systems. We handle complete systems, and add-ons and replacement parts for existing systems. 24 hour support is a trademark of Herman Reeves dedication to customer satisfaction. Our truck is ready to travel to your location as soon as we receive your service call.

1st Generation:

The company was founded by Herman Reeves in 1962, Mr. Reeves moved to the Carolinas from Alabama by the direction of his brother for better opportunities. He was employed by Jenkins Metal Corporation in the early days. He would work in his garage after hours to complete projects for people in the textile mills. With lots of encouragement from his peers, he started his own company and the business is still a thriving company in Gaston County. Due to Health reasons Mr. Reeves asked Mike Clagg to step into the business in the early seventies.

2nd Generation:

Mike Clagg, a graduate of Appalachian State University , has been the president of the company for nearly 50 years and has done a tremedous job in developing a great reputation in the textile industry throughout the Southeast. The Company expanded its facility in the early 1990’s time frame to 15,000 square feet from the original shop which had been out grown.

3rd Generation:

Josh Clagg, son of Mike and Betty Clagg graduated from Elon University in 1998, and stepped into the business. Josh worked on the construction side and installing material handling and filtration ductwork systems for nearly two years before being moved into management of the company.

IN 1999, a 15,000 square foot facility adjoining Herman Reeves Sheet Metal became available and the purchase was made to expand business again. A Bystronic laser was purchased in 2001 to diversify the business and in 2009 a new laser machine was purchased to replace the previous machine. In the last several years reinvestment has been done in new machinery. The company services many sectors in metal fabrication above and beyond the textile industry which has brought stability to Herman Reeves.

We look forward to the years to come in order to expand our business to meet the demand of our existing customer base.

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What Others Are Saying!

“Assessing a company’s personal needs and providing a quality service is the key to the success of Herman Reeves Sheet Metal Inc. I have always found their installation people to be very professional. They do exactly as you ask, and I will definitely work with them in the future,” “Herman Reeves’ greatest strength is their flexibility. Their services are designed to fit your needs whether that be for a custom system or to provide installation co-ordination of filtration equipment, filtration ductwork, material handling ductwork, A/C ductwork and production equipment.”

George Cole

“I have worked with Herman Reeves for over 10 years and have always had a good experience. I have found their quality, pricing and service to be top notch. Over the years Steve has helped us solve some tough problems with practical solutions.”

Keith Rozell

Buhler Aeroglide

“Herman Reeves has been a key supplier to SPX for four years now. They have grown with SPX through their dedication to first pass Quality lean manufacturing and the embracing of the 5-S principles. SXP looks forward to a long partnership moving into the needs of the future. “

Mike Gleeson


“Herman Reeves Sheet Metal is a high quality company that strives for excellence in all of their services. Mike & Josh Clagg really care about their customers and want to make sure that their customers are satisfied. I have known them for more than 25 years and without hesitation, would recommend them to anyone.”

Andy Horvat

Air Management Services

Herman Reeves also specializes in material handling and filtration ductwork for textile and non-woven industries as well as heavy welded ductwork

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