Metal Fabrication

CNC Laser Cutting Processing

Herman Reeves laser cutting processing holds to tight tolerances and allows us to cut large and small parts to produce well engineered products.

Cutting with the latest in laser cutting technology, Herman Reeves laser cutting services are one of the fastest turnaround services we offer. Utilizing 3 laser cutting systems, we are capable of cutting large production runs faster and with better quality than the competition. Utilizing automated load-unload systems, our systems are capable of adjusting for increased capacity, including 24/7 operation. We pride ourselves on superior quality, excellent pricing, and on time delivery. Using lasers to cut metal eliminates secondary operations..

CNC Bending Solutions

Using any of our five Brake Presses, we can successfully help turn your next flat part into a final product. Our experienced Brake Press operators have the ability to confine to tight tolerances and maintain superior quality and consistency throughout even the largest of production runs. With a fast turnaround and quality you’ve come to expect, let us help you save time and money.

Herman Reeves offers metal shearing services to our customers requiring these metal-fabricating services. We operate a number of shears to assist our customers to produce the exact sheared-size components they need to meet their custom fabricated metal parts requirements.

Welding Unprecedented Quality

Welding and Grinding is one of the most important aspects of fabrication. A good weld not only provides the part with stability and strength, but it acts as a symbol of quality. At Herman Reeves, we pride ourselves on unprecedented quality while saving the customer time and money..

Seamlessly integrated into our production floor, our Welding Department is responsible for bringing together most of the hundreds of jobs we complete on a weekly basis.


Metal Fabrication Equipment List

Herman Reeves also specializes in material handling and filtration ductwork for textile and non-woven industries as well as heavy welded ductwork

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